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Program Topcs

Mad Science has a large selection of topics! Here's just a few: 




Lights…Color…Action! Celebrate the science of color! Split your name in ink and reveal numbers with color filters. Make a rainbow out of white light and try on diffraction lenses. Color the world with your very own Technicolor Blender to explore how light and color combine.
Magnetic Magic Explore the power of magnets! Create electromagnets and control a compass needle. See a magnetic accelerator in action. Take home your very own Magnet Lab to continue your research about how magnets work in every day life. 
Optical Illusions Work against your eyes! Trick your brain with lines and coils. Discover how mirrors and their reflections can play tricks on what you see. Try to touch a mirage. Make a Periscope to see above and beyond and discover how mirrors work to create images. 
Sonic Sounds Uncover the source of sound! Tap into sound wave transmission and fill your ears with vibrations. Create a story with sound effects and change the pitch of your voice. Use your Sonic Horn to make some noise….a lot of noise!
Tantalizing Taste Exercise your sense of taste! Magnify your taste buds and unplug your nose. Compare flavors with your friends and try a carbonated test challenge. Sort out the scents in the Scratch ‘N Sniff game and discover how your nose and sense of taste are partners. 


Bugs! Children get engrossed in entomology! They find out that insects are arthropods and inspect authentic insect specimens. Insect anatomy is introduced and examined up-close. A container of creepy crawlers is divided into insects and non-insects. An ultraviolet powder demonstration lights up the truth on how insects spread pollen. Children learn how insects adapt by building insect puzzles at habitat stations. They examine a bag of insect defense representations and choose the one they want. An Insect-A-Vision Take-Home kit allows the junior entomologist to get bug-eyed at home!
Detective Science Children use science to crack a case! The crime happens just before the Bustertown bake-off. Mr. Baker’s big, fat, chewy, chocolate chip cookie is sabotaged and his recipe is stolen. The case kicks off with a crime scene investigation. The children examine fingerprints, mystery powders, ink samples, and teeth impressions. They also practice their memory skills to create a composite! Analyzing all the evidence is what helps pinpoint the perpetrator. The children take home a Personal Profile kit. They can use it to record their own fingerprints and other important information.
Earthworks Children dig-in to Earth science! Earth’s layers are introduced with a spotlight on its outer rocky layer. Children check out three rock samples to find out how they were made and where they were formed. They inspect minerals with an ultraviolet light to see them fluoresce. They model the moving plates that cause bends and breaks in the Earth’s solid rock layer. Tremors are created to tip a tower, and then things get rocky with the Experi-tube Take- Home. Children can make it and shake it to see sediment settle into layers!
Kitchen Chemistry Children get clued in on the chemical reactions that occur when they prepare, analyze, and digest their food. The class gets cooking with a color-changing solution display. Children divide common kitchen activities into chemical and physical reactions. A balloon blow-up demonstration helps them discover that yeast makes bread rise. Children test food samples in search of nutrients, starch, and protein. They discover what happens after they eat and digest nutrient-rich foods with their own Digestor Inspector Take-Home.

Mad Science Machines Children discover how simple machines make our lives easier. They learn about the six different types of simple machines: the screw, lever, inclined plane, wedge, pulley, and wheel and axle. Children launch with levers, secure with screws, and work with wedges through hands-on activities! A large child operated pulley system demonstrates how pulleys help us move heavy objects easily. Children apply their newfound mechanical knowledge by building their very own Drag Racer Take-Home!
Movie Effects Movie Effects gives children a chance to sit in the director's chair and discover why science is the real star on the big screen. Exciting demonstrations and hands-on activities allow children to discover the science behind the amazing sound and weather effects from their favorite movies. Children investigate 3-D technology, and experience how this effect can make them feel like part of the action. Motion
pictures come alive with a spinning praxinoscope. Children use the Cartoon Creator to make their own mini movie flipbooks that they can take home.
Science of Toys Children test, play, and ponder over what makes toys work. They spin into action with kinetic top toys. One changes color and one flips over, but they all release stored energy. Children balance bugs and birds to reveal their centers of gravity. They learn that opposites attract with magnetic toys and then take a turn at creating a gear train. Don’t forget to move out of the way for The String Thing—it’s motorized! The class winds down with a Yo-yo Take-Home.
Walloping Weather Children get weather-wise in this climate-controlled class! A demonstration using heat sensitive paper and a flashlight brings to light the reasons for seasons. Children discover how air affects weather, and perform a test to prove that air is everywhere. Children try out tools that meteorologists use to measure weather. They create three-day weather forecasts for cities around the world and stage a statically charged indoor storm. Children take home the color-changing Sun Beads kit to detect ultraviolet light from the sun. 


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